In the next couple of months, you’ll be embarking on your next business trip, and you’re looking forward to the change of scenery it’ll afford you. However, as you plan for the trip, you can’t help but to wonder where you will stay and how you will handle all of your tasks. As a general rule of thumb, it’s best for business travelers to stay in corporate housing units, according to travel expert Brian Ferdinad, the managing partner of CorpHousing Group, in a recently released article.


With corporate housing units, you have the chance to stay in a unit that feels more like a home than it does a hotel. That’s because these units are designed to be your home away from home—a place where you can truly relax and not feel confined by four walls.

Brian Ferdinand explains in the recently published article that space and comfort are two of the top benefits of his company’s corporate housing units. He explains that the average room in a hotel is about 200 to 400 square feet in size—about the side of a studio apartment. Meanwhile, a residential rental is usually around 1200 square feet. This additional space provides the types of comforts that you can expect to experience at home. For instance, you can enjoy a master bathroom and bedroom, a full kitchen, a dining room, and a den/office.


In a corporate housing unit, because you can cook in a kitchen, you have flexibility when it comes to dining. On some nights, you can choose to eat out or order in. Meanwhile, on other nights, you can easily prepare your own meal at home and still have plenty of room to sit down and eat it. This is the same level of flexibility you get to enjoy when you’re at home, which is why many health-conscious business travelers gravitate to corporate housing.

In addition, if you wish, you can bring your loved ones with you on your business trip, as your corporate housing unit will provide plenty of space for both you and them. And yes, Man’s Best Friend is included in that “loved ones” group. You’d be hard pressed to find this level of accommodation in the hotel setting.

All in all, with corporate housing’s unique benefits, it only makes sense for today’s business travelers to treat it as the perfect option for their upcoming business trips.