Niclas Herle – A Brief Overview on Pursuing a Career as a Commercial Helicopter Pilot

Most youngsters look for a financially rewarding career to pursue after graduating from college. However, they are not keen on working behind a desk performing data entry tasks on a computer. They consider it to be a dull job where there is little scope for promotion. Many of them want to become qualified commercial pilots flying the latest helicopters. They believe it to be a challenging and exciting career option for flying aircraft. Moreover, they get to visit some of the most exotic destinations across the nation.

Niclas Herle – Traits needed for a helicopter pilot

Niclas Herle is a qualified German-American helicopter pilot and entrepreneur with a passion for flying. He has over ten years of valuable experience in the aviation industry. During his tenure as an emergency pilot with The German Red Cross, he rose to the rank of Battalion Chief. He is currently the founder and Chief Executive Officer of several helicopter utility companies. These include, Diamond Helicopters, Heli Aviation Holding, flyVENTURE, and Heli Aviation Florida, LLC. These companies specialize in many diverse areas like aerial trimming, photography, pipeline inspection, firefighting, and rescue operations.

He says the demand for experienced commercial helicopter pilots within the aviation industry is high. They generally earn more money per flight than their colleagues who fly aircraft. Aspirants who want to pursue this career path need to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Be above the age of 18 years,
  • Be able to read, write and speak in English fluently,
  • Pass the relevant exams the FAA approves to obtain a private helicopter pilot license,
  • Hold a medical certificate from an FAA-approved doctor stating they fit and healthy,
  • Complete a course on ground instructions,
  • Successfully complete at least 20 hours of dual flying,
  • Carry out one successful cross-country flight with a flying instructor,
  • Conduct one solo cross-country flight successfully,
  • Complete at least 10-hours instrument flight training course,
  • Successfully complete a solo flight lasting 10 hours, and
  • The complete flying time of 100 hours as a pilot in command of a helicopter.

Selecting a university flight school

Aspirants can save time and money by getting admission into a university flight training school. However, they need to consider the following factors when choosing the right one:

  • The educational institute should maintain a clean and welcoming facility,
  • It should employ FAA-certified flying instructors with good credentials,
  • The institute should maintain a wide range of helicopters in good working condition,
  • It should be located in a region of the country which experiences a wide range of weather conditions,
  • The institute should follow the standard curriculum which FAA approves for all helicopter pilots,
  • The fee structure of the flying school should be reasonable and offer attractive student loans, and
  • The institute should have a good reputation, as evident from its online reviews.

Niclas Herle concludes by saying becoming a qualified commercial helicopter pilot is a promising career path for college aspirants. You should research well and speak to professionals in the field so that you can choose the right school to start your training.