What Is The Difference Between CBD Tincture & CBD Oil

When it comes to CBD oil, many people confuse it with CBD tinctures. Both are not the same. The term “tincture” refers to any medication that is retained in an alcohol arrangement. Though the tincture is sourced from hemp, it is not similar to CBD oil.

What is the CBD Tincture composed of?

The CBD tincture is generally suspended under distilled alcohol 60 to 70%. They are hemp extracts in liquid forms, and they are combined with a mix of alcohol, cinnamon or peppermint oil, and glycerin. Consumption is similar to CBD oil. However, unlike the oil, these tinctures have a very low potency of CBD. Their dosage differs from user to user, and they have longer shelf lives.

Higher bio-availability

Compared to the CBD oil, the CBD tincture has a higher rate of bioavailability. This is because of the presence of alcohol in it. The alcohol plays the role of a preservative that, in turn, enhances the life of the product. The CBD tinctures can also be used for cooking; however, you should use soluble products in water. This will permit the dish to absorb the goodness of the tincture faster.

Differences with CBD oil

The following are the key differences of CBD oil with tinctures-

  1. Base- The CBD oil has cannabidiol that is its base. CBD tinctures have a base made of alcohol. However, despite their base, both contain the same healing properties and are used widely to alleviate anxiety, stress, anxiety, and other symptoms.


  1. Ingestion- This oil can be ingested like in the vape method, whereas the tincture is ingested by mixing it in the food. It can easily get mixed with the food thanks to its alcohol base.


  1. Taste– When consumed orally, the oil does not have a good taste. It leaves behind an oily after-taste. Tinctures, on the other hand, are available in an assortment of flavors like vanilla, chocolate, peace, etc. It allows quick absorption when it is taken sublingually by placing it underneath the tongue.


  1. Costs- The price of any CBD product will depend upon its potency, strength, extraction method, and more. The price of both the oil and the tincture is more or less the same. However, if the CBD oil quality is very good, its price is much higher than that of the tincture. Good brands will cost you higher. However, some affordable brands are selling CBD oils and tinctures in the market. You can always find one within your budget.

When you compare CBD tincture to oil, you will find it has an extended shelf life due to the presence of isopropyl alcohol or ethyl alcohol that serves as a preservative. You can spot a CBD oil expired when you see a foggy or a cloudy substance in the oil. To protect CBD oil, make sure to keep it away from the sun. Buy the products from a genuine store and ensure you read the contents of the product before purchase.