William Sherlund – Understanding martial arts and its techniques

When it comes to martial arts, there is a common question that everyone asks- will martial arts help you win street fights? Experts in the field do not give you a direct answer to this question. The reason being that winning a fight depends upon several factors irrespective of whether you know martial arts or not.

William Sherlund is a personal protection coach and the Founder of Gutter Fighting Secrets. He has the experience and extensive training in martial arts and self-defense. He also has several certifications in tactical training. Currently, he is a Krav Maga instructor. He is an EMT and is a blue-belt holder in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

He is an alumnus of the SIRAS Bodyguard Academy Training located in Denmark. He trains students on World War II combative and other similar close-quarter techniques for combat.


He says that when it comes to martial arts, you must know there are various styles. Some styles are better than others if you are participating in a street fight. Some clubs teach martial arts, but they are more competition oriented. Others teach the techniques where students learn to win competitions.


If you are really willing to learn martial arts from a good teacher, you first need to know what is legal over winning a sport or a street fight.


Real martial arts are oriented towards real-life situations


When you are learning martial arts for self-defense, it can be used for real-life applications. When you study martial arts, it involves much more than kicking, punching, and blocking blows from your opponent.


Years of practice and dedication is needed


In order to become a good martial arts expert, you need to put in several years of practice and dedication. You need to pay attention to your mental and physical agility. Your fitness levels should be good, and you need to focus on your reaction times.


Your ability to deal with the physical and mental aspects of combat and confrontation will be tested over time. Despite what most people believe in, experts in the field of martial arts will avoid fights unless needed. They generally and normally are very reluctant to fight until it actually becomes the last resort for them.

Attaining a black belt in martial arts does not mean you will win a street fight. Simply knowing how to fight does not mean you cannot be defeated. In order to win a fight, you need to use your presence of mind moreover force. It is your skills as a martial arts expert that will get you out of a fight smoothly.


According to William Sherlund if you really want to learn martial arts, think about picking up and practicing its skills. You should not think about winning each and every fight that comes your way. A true expert believes in peace, and only when threatened will resort to fighting in self-defense. Every good trainer will teach you this fundamental rule so that you do not misuse your martial arts skills to bully the weak. Good experts in martial protect themselves and others too!